Real Estate Agents

Have a listing which just isn’t moving?
Know of a property where the Seller is looking for a quick, all cash deal?
Know of any expired listings or out of town Sellers – also looking for a quick sale?

Here’s The Problem:

  • The homeowner can’t afford to do the necessary repairs to the property.
  • The homeowner needs to sell their home fast or has a title or legal issue.
  • The listing is expired or cancelled.
  • The home may not have enough equity to pay a commission.
    Our Real Estate Solution:
  • Cash buyer, quick closing, and can handle most legal and title issues.
  • We Buy houses in any condition- No Repairs Required.

    The Result:

  • The homeowner is satisfied with a quick solution to their real estate situation!

You can now quickly turn THOSE DIFFICULT LISTINGS into income!


Oftentimes, it usually takes us 14 days to close!

To get started, all you have to do is register your listing and provide us with a description below!



So what are you waiting for? Let’s start making you some CASH !!!

Here’s How it Works:
1. Submit Your listing Below
2. Property will be reviewed in 24-48 hours.
3.  If the property meets our requirements, we’ll reach back out to you.


We Can’t Accept properties in Rural Areas (Must be in Baltimore or surrounding counties, Washington DC, or Northern VA)



I would like to thank you for YOUR INTEREST IN PARTNERING WITH US! WE look forward to strengthening our relationship through future deals.



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1. What’s your Price range when it comes to buying homes? Typically up to $300,000 (or more if it’s in a highly desirable area)

2. What areas do you buy in? Baltimore County, PG County, Anne Arundel County, Harford County, Carrol County, Montgomery, & Howard. Also, DC and Northern VA.

3. Are you cash buyers? YES

4. How fast can you close? 14-30 days or whatever is best for the seller

5. What do you like to make profit on each deal or what formula do you use? We buy anything at around 70-75% of the Retail Value minus repairs.

6. Do you buy lots? Yes, it depends on the location.

7. Do you use HARD MONEY?  Yes, we use Hard Money as well.

8. If I bring you the deal do I get the listing once you finish the rehab? If one of our buyers need an agent to list their home, then we’ll gladly recommended you.

9. What other services do you offer? Besides purchasing off market properties, we offer auction services, and rental services.

Benefits of working with us:

• We have no limit on how many properties we can buy. We are similar to a hedge fund.
• We pay cash and can close quickly
• We will always give you a fast response on any property you send
• If the property has potential, we will set up an appointment so our field manager can walk the property to put a rehab number on it and we will guarantee a fair cash offer within 24 hours of walking the property.
• We pay all closing cost except realtor fees and prorated taxes.
• We promise we will make these transactions the easiest deals you’ve ever done.
• You don’t have to worry about taking pictures of the property and inputting everything into the MLS.
• We buy houses in AS IS condition