About Company

We are a fast-growing Baltimore based real estate company focused on wholesaling properties in Maryland, and other markets throughout the country. We specialize in providing cash offers to property owners of distressed properties including single family, town homes, multi-family homes, and apartments.

Our Current Opportunities:

Acquisitions Associate

Seeking a MD (Investor Friendly) Agent to join our team as an acquisitions associate.

As an Acquisitions Associate, you will negotiate and finalize the contracts of our real estate wholesale deals.

If you are confident in your people skills and want to learn real estate wholesaling, this is the perfect position for you.

Compensation:$500-$1000 commission per closed deal + potential listings for you as an agent.


  • Run comps to find property value and recent cash sales in the area.
  • Call and schedule appointments to meet with sellers.
  • Drive to appointments to meet with sellers.
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Determine whether contracts will be for wholesale, potential listings, or other creative real estate solutions.
  • Perform followup calls to sellers
  • Close contracts


  • You must be a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Maryland.
  • Be a resourceful and creative problem solver
  • Ability to spend a large amount of time traveling by car
  • Perform well under pressure


Licensed Contractors

Seeking licensed contractors in the Baltimore area, who would be open to inspecting  distressed properties and providing an estimate in repairs.


  • Drive to scheduled appointments to meet with sellers & our dispositions person.
  • Provide repair estimate sheets


  • Must be  a licensed contractor in Maryland.
  • Have the right skills to estimate repairs.